First Birthday is a major milestone in baby’s life, closing the full year of rapid changes and development, and marking a new beginning of world discovering and delight over life of your little explorer.


That little person is no longer a baby and this collection of portraits is here to document this journey for you and your child.



To assure studio availability for your chosen dates, it’s best to reserve your session at least a month in advance (we advise two months for a peace of mind though).



These shoots are not merely about your little one playing with their cake. You will take a beautiful collection of family and baby portraits form this session. All tastefully retouched and prepared to create a beautiful keepsake documenting this major milestone.




*Where to find us?

Our address is:

Stocksfield Hall Business Park, Unit 4a

Northumberland, NE43 7TN

*How much does it cost?

Our First Birthday Celebration session comes with no Session fee and is a package in itself. The whole cost is £350 and covers your photo sessions, selected decorations, photo-editing, online gallery presentation, 30-45 digital images and a slideshow.

You are welcome to purchase additional products if you wish and further details can be found HERE 

*Are decorations and outfits provided for the session?

We are very proud of our selection of colour themes, decorations and matching outfits for these shoots! Prior to your booking we will discuss any colour and theme preferences and all the details for your session’s set up. We absolutely love our newest simple set on white wooden boards, but as you can see we have a broad selections of colourful set ups to choose from.

*How to prepare to my session?

We will provide outfits and decorations for the session, but you are more than welcome to bring any of your own that you'd like captured in the photos. The first stage is made out of family and single portraits and you are also welcome to join in and have photographs taken with your little one.

For the second stage (Cake Play) you have a choice of either bribing your own cake or ordering a perfectly matched cake from our trusted cake maker. Examples of some cakes prepared for our First Birthday sessions can be found HERE 

If you decide to order your cake from our cake maker please send your order HERE. However if you prefer to bring your own cake, then please make sure it's soft and covered with buttercream rather than hard icing (it’s not very easy to play with and tends to get stuck in our little models’ mouths). Sponge cakes are absolutely best!

For the bubble bath stage we will have everything prepared including organic bubble solution, but if your little one uses anything specific for sensitive skin, please feel free to bring your own product, just to stay on the safe side!

And for the final stage (towel snuggles) please bring in a towel, preferably a hooded one if possible.

*Can parents and sibling also join in?

We always welcome parents and sibling for every photo shoot and First Birthday Celebration session is no different! There are certain stages of the photo shoot where main focus is being placed on the little model, however there is always plenty of time to capture lovely family and sibling portraits as well. (..and yes, pets are also fine to join!) 

*How long will I wait for my photos?

Your online gallery will be within roughly two weeks from your session and any additional product orders take place after you view your portraits. Depending on your order your products may take up to 6 weeks before your full order is ready for collection/delivery, however your digital files will be provided right with the link to your online gallery.