What to wear: It is best to avoid huge logos and cartoons. You can bring 2-3 different outfits to change during the session. For example, you can bring traditional Christmas/festive clothing, something more casual/everyday that is well fitting and you are comfortable in or even show up in your pjs! You are also welcome to bring wintery or Santa hats, scarves, headbands or gloves. For siblings, matching or coordinated outfits work wonderfully. 

On the day: Try to arrive on time for your session so you can prepare, relax and enjoy the time in our studio and not cut from your session time. And remember to have fun! We have different Christmas backdrops to choose from as well as additional plain coloured backgrounds for plenty of options.

After the session: This year we give you the opportunity to sit down comfortably and choose your own favourite photos. You would be able to immediately view your photos right here in our studio or if you prefer, at home at a later time. Once you select the images you like the most, we will retouch them professionally and prepare them for you. 

When would my images be ready: Your images will be ready within 2 weeks after the photoshoot. However, the preparation time for the additional gift boxes may vary. We will try our best to prepare everything as fast as we can. 

When do I pick up the box/images: We will let you know as soon as your gifts are ready and inform you when you can pick them up or alternatively, we can post them for you for an additional price. 

Who can come: Parents are welcome to the photoshoot to have fun together with their kids! For babies who are yet unable to sit up, we will make special arrangements. 

Please, take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide below: