Throughout these difficult times millions of men, women and children are staying at home. There are, however, the others - our wonderful key workers. So many nurses, doctors, nurses, postmen, police, grocers, teachers and firefighters are still working outside to keep us safe. These are our heroes! This is why, once the lockdown is over, we want to *safely* pay tribute to them by organising big exhibition event in Sunderland where members of the local community and ourselves will be able to formally thank them for their continuous work & dedication. Meet your heroes in person! We will be organising the event in two stages and we need your help: 

Stage 1: Nominate a Key Worker

To start off, we would like to thank our key workers for their courage, hard work and continuous dedication by gifting 10 key workers with a Family Photoshoot on us. We want to give them the opportunity to celebrate some time with their families in a truly special way once the lockdown ends. We want to encourage participants to share their stories and we will be more than delighted to capture some stunning memories for them and their families. We will soon be giving you the opportunity to nominate a key worker for the chance to win a free family photo session.

Once the restrictions are lifted and it is again safe for all of us, we will organise an exhibition event to display all the wonderful photos we are hoping to take together.* 

Stage 2: Kids Arts & Crafts Competition

For the little ones, we will also soon be announcing an Arts & Crafts competition where you as parents will be able to submit our child's art work dedicated for key workers serving our communities during these difficult times. Our competition is open to all forms of art: paintings, drawings, ready-made objects, installations and sculptures made using any materials and techniques desired. Kids' art works will be displayed at our exhibition, together with the photographs of our key workers and their families. We are also including an award ceremony for the winning projects (chosen through independent voting done by you and one surprise winner) and we have allocated £500 for toy prizes.** 

*Nominate a Key Worker | Terms & Conditions

Each outdoor family photo session includes 30 edited digital images in high resolution and 6x8’ prints. Winners will be selected jointly in partnership with ICOS. A selection of photographs from each session will be displayed during the ‘Meet Your Heroes’ exhibition along with children’s artwork, therefore a permission to publicly display photographs will be required from each family. This includes any online publications, social media, press coverage and exhibition display. By taking part in the competition  and accepting your award, you automatically agree for your information to be processed for the purpose of the project. Your data will not be stored or processed further after the event has finished.

If you know a Key Worker who you’d like to nominate for this prize on our Facebook Page or you can submit their nomination via email as well, make sure to include your name and telephone number as well so that we can contact you if our nominee wins.

If you’re a key worker you are more than welcome to enter the draw, just tell us what you do below or via email at:

**Arts & Crafts Competition | Terms & conditions

An arts & crafts competition open to all work of arts, paintings, drawings, ready-made objects, installations and sculptures made using any materials and techniques desired. Participants should not be older than 14 years and artwork should be submitted via email at:

To submit your child’s artwork, please email up to 5 photos of your child’s work including:

- artwork’s title

- child’s name and age

- your name and telephone number (as a child’s parent/guardian)

Winners will be selected through independent voting and one surprise winner. Voting will take place at:  where all submitted works will be available to view and vote for.

Artwork can be submitted throughout the duration of the lock down. By submitting your child’s artwork you agree for it to be displayed at Newborn Story Photography Ltd’s website, social media, press, posters, leaflets and all related platforms, as well as the final exhibition with all winning & selected works. Selected artworks will need to be delivered to the organisers (either Newborn Story Photography Ltd or ICOS, both based in Sunderland) for the purpose of displaying during an exhibition and collected within three months after the exhibition. Any uncollected artwork will become a property of Newborn Story Photography Studio Ltd after a period of three months.

All winners will be awarded during an exhibition organised once the voting ends. Winners will be informed about the date, time and place of the exhibition at least 10 days before the planned event.

Exhibition coordinators and event organisers will not be held responsible for accidental damage to the artwork, however all efforts will be made to ensure safety and careful handling of all artwork.

By taking part in the competition you automatically agree for your information to be processed for the purpose of the project. Your data will not be stored or processed further after the event has finished.

Partners & Sponsors:

International Community Organisation of Sunderland (ICOS) 

Pati Cake Patisserie

For sponsors:

We will be inviting local press, communities, city authorities as well as children and key workers with families to our formal event. We would also like to invite 3-4 more sponsors to take part in the event offering prizes either for key workers or children taking part in the competition. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you as a business to express our gratitude to those incredible people who in these difficult times stand strong in the front line serving us all. You will also give local businesses an opportunity to stay active and advertise not only via social media, but also radio, press and networking with other businesses taking part.

If you’re interested and would like to be included, please email us at Thank you.