Christmas, the most magical time of the year and probably our personal favourite as well. Christmas trees, scented candles, Christmas lights and a perfect excuse to indulge in all the gingerbread biscuits you can find! But, it’s also a time of preparation, exhaustion by looking for the perfect gift for all the relatives and friends. Searching the internet back and forth and countless hours spent in shopping centres often resulting in nothing but frustration.

This is why this Christmas we have prepared the perfect solution to all your shopping dilemmas.

This October and November you and your family will have an opportunity to experience Christmas as we remember it from our childhood memories. You will be taken back in time while enjoying your session in our warm and cosy studio. What we’ve prepared for you this year is far from a generic ‘cut for all’ Christmas mini session. We have TWO picturesque Christmas settings for you to choose from with real Christmas trees, gloomy lights and… an abundance of warmth. 

And if you would also like to update your family portraits, we’ll have some traditional plain coloured backdrops prepared for you as well. 

Our photographer Nina will not only guide your family through the shoot with tips & tricks to help your little ones spark with their true character in front of the camera and capture you at your best angles. She will also put her soul and talent into creating and retouching your family’s photographs and turning them into most wonderful Personalised Gifts

We have two carefully tailored Packages in our offer for you this year:


Print Package including:

~30 minute fun and exciting Christmas photoshoot with 5 mounted 5x7’’ fine art prints for £90. 

Digital Package including: 

~30 minute fun and exciting Christmas photoshoot with 5 digital images for £150.

For both options, you will be able to personally select the photos for your package. They will be then carefully prepared and retouched by our highly skilled photographer. And if that isn't enough, we’ve also prepared a truly unique Top Up offer for you where you can add a beautiful personalised Christmas Gift Box to your package!

Mix & match the content of your box and choose between hand-made festive sweets, Christmas themed photo albums, desk framed prints, stunning wall art, wooden blocks, personalised Christmas cards and even mugs with your photos! All offered at affordable prices. 

Our Christmas Gift Box is an absolutely perfect way of securing all the most important gifts for your loved ones, an opportunity to capture beautiful family photos for your Family Album, all from our comfortable, cosy studio in just one day - completely hassle-free. And if your order is £300 or more, you will also receive 10 FREE personalised Christmas cards. Please note that in order to make sure all the orders arrive on time, the deadline for some gift products is 9th November. Please make sure to book your slot in advance if you want your gifts all nice and ready in time for Christmas.

The parents are, of course, welcome to participate in the photoshoot! So how about you enjoy a gingerbread spiced latte while your little ones have a blast playing in front of the camera, instead of chasing countless shops for the perfect gifts this year? 

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