Newborn photography has become very popular among new parents in the UK in recent years. Here at Newborn Story Photography, your North East expert in maternity and newborn photography, we decided to give you a few first-hand tips from our own experience with newborn photoshoots. Whether you are still researching the topic or looking for some last-minute tips and inspiration for your upcoming session, you will definitely learn everything you need to know from our top guide. 

Where to Find Us?

If you have chosen our studio for your upcoming newborn shoot, first, a very warm welcome from our team here at Newborn Story Photography! We are based in Sunderland City Centre, only a short walk from the metro/train station. You will also find a parking space right in front of our building for even easier access. We maintain a warm & cosy environment, so you and your family could feel relaxed and at ease. 

Our address: 44 Frederick St, Sunniside, Sunderland SR1 1NF. Please, take look at the map below:

How To Prepare For Your Session?

Nervous about what to expect? Planning ahead is a great way alleviate some of the stress. Our newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours (a full session) or 1.5 hours (a mini session). It is, therefore, a good idea to bring some snacks and water along.

Your little model will exeprience different poses, props and set-ups. We may need to change and swaddle them a few times, so they may have more than one hungry moment and it is best to be well-prepared, isn't it?

Is your baby using a dummy? Feel free to bring one along. If you are bottle feeding, then please bring a few bottles of milk ready for the duration of your session. If you are breastfeeding, don't worry at all as you are free to that as many times as needed. Our upmost imporant goal is to keep the little model happy and content.

We are the North East expert in newborn photography, so we are going to be extremely well-prepared. In our studio, you will find plenty of props and outfits for your little one. However, if you are keen on personalising your session some more, feel free to bring some items which you would like to be included in the shoot. For example toys, special gifts, blankets etc. Cannot think of anything? No pressure with that. 

With our Full Exclusive Newborn Experience, we include a family portrait shoot at no extra cost. Our advise to you as parents wooud be to try and wear a top which is plain-coloured in white, grey or beige. We have found out that these colours work the best! Try and avoid big logos as they may be too disracting. 

Bonus tip: Try to reasearch beforehand some compositions and colours that you may find appealing for your newborn session. A good place to start is our gallery on our website or our Facebook page. Any other source is also okay, as long as it is matching your preferred style. Do you prefer props or  simplicity/lifestyle type of shoots? Think colours in your house too! Would you maybe like to hang a luxurious frame in your living room or the baby's nursery? It is your chance to be creative and we are giving you a few hints to spark that creative flare!

During Your Session:

On the day of your session, please try to arrive on time. Not too early as it might disturb the session prior to yours and not too late so you do not lose time from your session. Once you settle in on our comfortable sofas, we will offer you some refreshments and start discussing your preferred style. 

We have some great albums with some lovely examples of how your session could look like. You will be able to have a browse and discuss everything with our photographer. Once we have gone through all the little arrangements with you, we will proceed to the photoshoot itself.

Depending on which shoot you prefer (Full or Mini Newborn shoot), the length of the session will vary. If you have chosen our Full Newborn Experience, we can either start or finish with the family portraits bit of the photoshoot. 

If either your partner or older children cannot make it on time, we can push the family shoot towards the end of the session. Do not worry if you feel like you and your family are not professional models - you do not need to be. We have worked with a lot of families over the years and we have perfected our ways to create the most amazing shots with as little posing involved as possible.

After Your Session:

We know you cannot wait so in approximately 2 weeks, we will invite for an Ordering appointment where you would be able to see all the photographs for the very first time. You would be able to sit on our sofas once again, go back and experience your session once again.

If you have booked the Mini Newborn session, we will send you your own, private link to your gallery with the photos from your session.

Either way, this is the moment when you would be able to select your photos, but without any rush or sales pressure. Once selected, we will prepare your order and let know as soon as it is ready. We can then either post it for you or you can pick it up from our studio.

You are now fully prepared for your upcoming newborn photoshoot!