Here at Newborn Story Photography, we love maternity shoots. In the past few months, we have been putting a bit more emphasis on these types of shoots in order to keep offering you new and exciting maternity photo sessions, decors, dresses and backdrops. We have had a a lot of lovely clients coming in from the major cities in the North East - Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham, but also from Peterlee, Darlington, Cramlington, BlythBishop Auckland, Chester-le-Street and many more. 

We are now offering more home sessions, with the opportunity for us to visit you in the comfort of your own home. 

Why Book a Maternity Photoshoot?

You are guaranteed to remember some of your pregnancy’s milestones - the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat, feeling your baby move for the first time, finding out the gender… But will you be able to remember how you looked like during the best times of your pregnancy when you were radiating this 'pregnancy glow', when you were very much in shape and you were able to move around with more ease. We will help you create memories for generations to come. One of the things to put in our diary right this second is to remember to book your maternity shoot early in advance

The ideal time to have the maternity photoshoot is between the 25-36 weeks of your pregnancy. At this stage, your bump is most likely to be round in a stunning way and you will still have plenty of energy. 

Have you missed this window? No problem, we can organise your shoot a bit later and make sure you are taking plenty of breaks during your session. 


How To Personalise Your Session?

Unlike the newborn session, maternity sessions don not limit us in terms of settings. Depending on your personal preferences, we can arrange your session in three ways:

- In Studio - Some people prefer more privacy. In these cases, our studio is your ideal setting. We can offer plenty of glamorous dresses that you can try on and will only have to wear in the studio for the duration of your session. We also offer professional make up, right here in our studio, by a certified make-up artist. If you are going for more bold and daring look, we can create it for you in our studio, so no need to take care of this before your session and you won't be attracting unnecessary attention on the street. Not to forget that we also offer plenty of backdrops for more artistic exposures. We normally only book one session at a time, so the chances are you will be having the studio for yourselves.

- Outdoors - This can be a lovely location not too far away, say a comfortable drive away. The North East has a wonderful array of places to visit including parks, farms, the beach... When you book your session, we might give you a few suggestions with a few favourite spots in mind, but if you are keen on anything else, we'd love to hear it!

- At Home - Another option for clients who prefer more privacy. This is a great idea if you want to experiment in the privacy of your own home. Most of the sessions that take place at home are life style sessions. Perfect for a more of a family/couples maternity shoots. 

Are you now looking forward to booking your session? Get in touch here.

For some inspiration, check out Lauren's session. She came to us for a maternity shoot that took place in Springboard Adventure - Hetton Lyons Country Park, a wonderful spot in Hetton-le-Hole. A great example of a personalised maternity shoot! Later she came back for a newborn shoot in our studio - but kept some of the items with a personal touch: 

Are you now looking forward to booking your session? Get in touch here.