Like all our sessions, we always do our best to customise each newborn session to the taste and preferences to the specific client. We have had the pleasure of having clients from all four corners of the North East - from Newcastle to Darlington and Alnwick. Each coming with their specific preferences and ideas. To give you some inspiration as well as to help you decide which type of session is the best for your personal style, we are going to walk your through the two types of newborn shoots we equally love - Simplicity and Props. 

What does Simplicity style entail?

This session aims to capture the little bundle of joy in the most natural ways. We don't make use any props or special outfits. Your little one can be naked or with as little clothes as possible in white or neutral colours. This is up to you! 

We also want to capture the natural dynamics in your family and your bond with the new addition, so we will avoid posing. However, with that being said, this won't be an impromptu session as we are always very prepare to create the most emotional shots. 

What are the newborn props and how do you use them? 

Most of the newborn shoots that take place in our studio are of this kind. Therefore, we are very well prepared with lots of cute props, newborn outfits, hairbands and many more. If you have been to our studio before, you have probably noticed the countless cabinets, shelves and drawers overflowing with props of all colours. Here you can take a look at some of our props and outfits.

We take the time prior to your session to chat with you about your colour preferences, so that we can match your expectations. 

Are both styles safe for my newborn?

Yes, we are trained in newborn photography in both Simplicity and Props styles and safe posing. It is entirely up to you to choose which one suits you best, while you and your newborn baby are in safe hands. Feel free to always reach out to us for advice.

Which style works best for my newborn and me?

Both styles are completely safe and suitable for newborns. We can create picturesque photos with the help of our props, but if the little one wouldn’t feel that great wrapped and posed in props, it is maybe the safer bet to go with a more natural style session.

The Simplicity is also great for those who missed the narrow time window for a regular newborn session and now have a slightly older (more than 14 days old) baby. 

How and when to book?

For both of these sessions, it is best to book as far in advance as possible. Mums-to-be usually book their newborn sessions while still pregnant and just send over their due date to us. Upon confirming your booking, we do not necessarily need to schedule the exact date but we will be able to guarantee you a slot if you have paid the deposit. This gives you and us a bit more flexibility with our schedules. 

See our full newborn price list here. Make a booking now!