One great thing about Outdoor Photoshoots is they are perfect for every age and every person! If you’ve missed your session due to lockdown, this way be a great option for you to still capture some gorgeous memories.

Studio shoots are great, but they are less natural and more posed, and can make us more limited with what we can achieve, especially if your little one is at that stage where getting them to stay in front of the camera is getting harder!

The advantage that we have by going for an Outdoor Session over a studio one, is we can capture some natural and real moments. Although when we think of a photoshoot we think of a studio and lights, our outdoor sessions can be great for shy children, camera shy adults and perfect if you want something different. The photos can also turn out more natural, and this session also ensures your little one is happy as they are in a more natural setting. In fact, our outdoor sessions are so natural and lifestyle, that you don’t tend to notice the photographer at all!

With this session, possibilities are endless! We can go for your favourite location. Whether that’s the beach or park, forest or a lake. We can go for any theme, whether that’s darker or lighter or colourful or clean. There is so much inspiration you can find online for your session, (Pinterest and Instagram are our favourite go to) or just take a look at our socials for ideas.

We are more than happy to transfer your deposit to this session instead. Whether that’s your newborn session or a smash cake, or anything else. Any session can be done outside, Maternity and Family Session too!

Have you seen how adorable outdoor Smash Cakes can be? We love them!  We can have a traditional First Birthday Photoshoot and play with the cake or just play with some fruit and even have a family picnic. Any ideas are welcome so please feel free to use your imagination and personalise your session! Also why not invite other family members? Cousins, grandparents and siblings are welcome to join in on a couple of photos together! And don’t forget any dog, cat, horse or rabbit… or goldfish? Anyone is welcome!