When you first become a parent you are bombarded with a list of must have-s and must do-s. There’s an endless list of necessities to buy and prepare, and an even longer list of good advice. But nothing can really prepare you for the challenge you’re about to face, and even more so, no words will ever convey the gravity of the experience you’re about to embark on and a secret ingredient that will make it all work perfectly!

This secret ingredient is you and your incredible family!


For the next 20 years or so your whole life will turn into an adventure of raising new capable human beings. It’s not just a moment in time nor a single event. It’s a constant process where you grow alongside that little person you just created. It’s the most significant and magical time of your life.

So how are you going to document it? 



1. You and your partner are the most important people in your child’s life. You can not accept absence from these images documenting beautiful smiles, major milestones and formation of your little one’s character.


These are not just photos of you and your baby. It’s a beautiful documentation of your love, and devotion. Something no words can describe, but something that can be shown and preserved in a photograph for years to come.


2. The day you become a parent is most likely going to be the most important day in your life. It’s YOUR major milestone and a beginning of a long list of milestones you are about to witness and admire. 

Don’t let them slip away. Make sure they’re preserved so that your little one can look at the photographs one day and marvel at them with you, learning how incredible this journey has been.


3. Photographs create a connection between past and present. They seal the gap in memories from the early childhood connecting the whole story together. This creates a beautiful ground for recognition of own identity, building confidence and strong family ties.

4. One photograph can speak a thousand words. For all those extraordinary flavours of life words can not describe, a photograph preserves the beauty of each significant moment. Your children won’t remember the day they were born but you can still show them how incredible this moment was for you and how loved they are right from the moment they took their first breath!


5. Yes, photographs can do all that. They can express the deepest feelings and emotions that are not always easy to convey in words. With all the grace and simplicity they say: You are being loved. Your journey is being cherished.  


You are a part of a great story called family. What this does is not only reassure children in their safety of being loved, appreciated and being an important member of the family. It also builds a strong defence mechanism for their individuality.


They are unique human beings and they are adored for who they are. But this beautiful message is completely silent when your photos are hidden on hard drives, USBs and in deep drawers. They need to be seen to be cherished. Turn your photographs into a proud display. 

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