Becca Wilson

“I believe women are powerful selfless beings and always find the strength to nurture others even through their own hardships, but there comes a time when they need that from someone else.”


Q1: What is your story? Please, tell us a bit more about the work you do?

I work as a gynaecology nurse which often means supporting women through very tough times such as gynaecological cancers and early pregnancy loss. I believe women are powerful selfless beings and always find the strength to nurture others even through their own hardships, but there comes a time when they need that from someone else. This is what made me choose my profession and in particular gynaecology. I’ve always been drawn to help others throughout my life and nursing provided that perfect role to use as a platform for helping others.

With the same beliefs in mind I decided to also start a business venture recently and branched into aesthetics. I’m a firm believer in confidence radiating beauty. Aesthetics at times can have a bad name but we all have hang ups which affect our body confidence and self esteem. I feel that a little natural enhancement or tweak can give people that confidence and self esteem they have needed which in turn can help them to thrive in life whether that’s professionally or socially.

Running a business hasn’t been easy around my nursing role and raising 2 children, especially in the middle of a global pandemic, but I am determined to make it work because I love what I do. I have this passion and drive that I can’t ignore, this pushes me on to make a difference.

Q2:  What were the main challenges that you & your family faced during the pandemic?

We have had many challenges as a family during this pandemic. First of all my husband was unfortunately made redundant right before lockdown.

The Aesthetic business came to a halt as my focus took a shift on working extra within the NHS in areas that were needed to help fight the pandemic. This then had a financial impact along with the worry my family felt with me often nursing Covid positive patients. Equally the worry was always there for me as to whether I would bring the virus home to my family.

We also had the responsibility of home schooling 2 children, always wondering if we were doing things “right”.

Not being able to see close family and have that support system was very tough, especially since our children have a close relationship with their grandparents.

Q3:  What are the things you are most grateful for having been working as a key worker during the pandemic?

I try to remain positive in all situations and look for the good things we can take from experiences. There have been a lot of things we have been grateful for during this pandemic.

As a working family we never really got the time to stop and appreciate life at times and this pandemic allowed us to do that and re-evaluate life and what needs to change to ensure we have a better quality life in the future and more time as a family. It has made us appreciate life more, sometimes the world can be very fast-paced and materialistic and it’s the little things in life that mean the most. We have loved the time we have had this year as a family and realised time is what we need. We only get one life, it’s not a test run and anything can happen tomorrow, it’s about living for today and spending time with the people you love. There is nothing more important than family and friends and kindness during hard times. Kind gestures can mean the world to someone in need.

I’ve been so grateful to be able to continue working as a key worker and can’t imagine how hard it has been at times for those who have lost their livelihoods and been locked in for what seems to be lasting so long. Equally it has been tragic and heartbreaking to see people lose their loved ones to this virus. My heart goes out to them.

Q4: Tell us a little bit more about your experience with Newborn Born Story. Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague? 

I can’t thank Newborn Story enough for what they have done for us. Nina was absolutely amazing with us and especially the children. She is so calm, patient, caring and is truly talented. Winning this competition really helped lift our spirits in during such a difficult time. Although it’s been a very hard year, these photographs have captured memories which will allow us to reflect on this pandemic in years to come as the year we got more time to bond as a family and for that we are so grateful. I would highly recommend Newborn Story Photography to colleagues and friends and will be continuing to do so in the future.