Cute family with kids and dog in local park in Sunderland by newborn story photography life style shoot


Magdalena Klimek

“Working during the pandemic gave me especially a sense of purpose. As a key worker, you knew you were doing your part to help the whole nation really get over this awful time” 


Q1: What is your story? Please, tell us a bit more about the work you do?

My name is Magdalena. I work as a domestic assistant in a hospital. Working in critical care ward made me realise how valuable health and life are, how important it is to enjoy the little things and how much relationships between people mean.  

Q2: What were the main challenges that you & your family faced during the pandemic?

During pandemic ,I had to learn an unknown life for me and my little family. It is not only a fight not to get infected or minimise the risk of contagion, but also a fight with yourself, with your own emotions and fear.  

Q3: What are the things you are most grateful for having been working as a key worker during the pandemic?

I am grateful that ......I have a job. Job I like.I am glad that while cleaning I can give patients a smile ,a warm word ,what make me feel needed. Sometimes it is enough to just hold someone's hand and listen to human stories I am thankful for every "thank you ".  

Q4: Tell us a little bit more about your experience with Newborn Born Story. Would you recommend us to a friend or colleague?.  

Newborn story photography is not only a studio where pictures are taken, but it is a real treasury of precious moments that Nina can capture forever. I would highly recommend!