Because it’s one of the most beautiful ways of preserving these very fresh and fleeting moments for your baby.



Our newborn sessions are usually booked between the 4th and 21st day of baby’s life. At this stage newborns are still happy to sleep for longer stretches and love being curled up in womb like poses.



You will receive a beautiful gallery of family and baby portraits preserving the freshness of this special time before it fades away. Your portraits will stay with you for generations.





*Where to find us?

Our address is:

Stocksfield Hall Business Park, Unit 4a

Northumberland, NE43 7TN

*When should I book my newborn session?

For newborn sessions, we recommend booking in advance as early as after your fist pregnancy scan. When booking in advance we normally pencil your due date in the diary and then schedule an exact date and time of your session once your baby arrives. These sessions take place usually within the first 21 days of baby's life, so it's crucial to assure the slot is available for this small window of time.

*How do I reserve my newborn session?

As soon as you had your first scan and your pregnancy has been confirmed, please get in touch to check availability for your due date. If slots are available you will be asked to forward your reservation fee and your session slot will be reserved for when your baby arrives.

*When do I pay my reservation fee?

Your booking fee will be required upon booking your session. This can be paid in person or via online payment system HERE

Your booking fee will be fully subtracted from the price of your chosen package or product selection. So your session fee comes down to literally £0.

*Are there any extra costs involved in including sibling or grandparents in the newborn session?

We believe a family portrait is equally precious and therefore we encourage parents as well as siblings and grandparents to join in the photo session at no additional cost. Family dogs are also welcome (do notify us about pets arrival before the session though, so that we can prepare the studio).


*Do you have experience photographing newborn babies safely?

We are more than happy to say YES! Our photographer Nina underwent extensive training in the field of safe newborn baby posing and is a qualified photographer with over 20 years experience. Since opening our studio in 2013 she photographed over a thousand babies and children.

More details on safe baby posing can also be found on BANPAS website.

*How to prepare to my newborn session:

With newborn session, please, keep in mind this session may take up to three hours, so it's good to bring some snacks and water along. Also, if your baby is OK to have a dummy, then please bring one along and if you decided to bottle feed your little one, please bring a couple of bottles of milk already prepared to your session. Your baby will be moved around different props and set ups, changed and wrapped quite a few times, so may have more than one hungry moment and it's best to be well prepared to keep our little model happy and content!

Also, with an older sibling joining the session, it's always a good idea to have some drinks and snacks ready for them if they get a little tired.

You don't have to worry about props or outfits, as these are always provided, you can however, bring extra items to your session especially those of special value to you and your family. Things such as: handmade blankets, special nursery decoration, items related to your hobbies and interests (we had babies photographed with guitars, motorcycle helmets, soldier gear etc) as these make for a fantastic set up and a wonderful personalised keepsake for years to come!

*How long will I wait for my photos:

Your fully edited gallery will be ready to view roughly two weeks after your session. You will be invited back to the studio for a viewing & ordering appointment. After the gallery presentation Nina will guide you through package and product options to help you decide on the best investment for your budget.

*What if I don’t want any of my photos shared online?

You are under no obligation to agree to have any of your portraits shared publicly. On the day of your session you will be handed a short contract to read through, which states all the details regarding the service and includes a paragraph asking to provide consent for online sharing. You can also mention your preference to our photographer, Nina on the day and she will make sure to make an extra note in your contract.

*What if I need to reschedule my session?

If you need to reschedule your session, please get in touch no later than 48 hours before your appointment and we will rearrange for a suitable day and time. Keep in mind though, we will accept rescheduling of your session twice before your booking fee will be considered lost.

*Do you work on Sundays:

We are very proud of our broad range of wall art & album products available in our offer! As it's not just a matter of providing various options, but sourcing products through strict criteria of quality and uniqueness! Our Photo Books and Folio Boxes are sourced from the world’s top crafting studio in Italy and our hand made wooden blocks travel to us from Holland and are available to a limited number of selected photographers worldwide!

*Can I book a photo session for a friend or a family member?

For such occasion we have especially prepared bespoke gift vouchers. For more information and examples of our beautiful vouchers, please check our website HERE