We often get the question whether pets are allowed to join in on the photoshoot, and the answer is OF COURSE! Pets are also a member of the family so why shouldn’t they join in on some photos?

We LOVE when you bring your pets to our Sunderland studio, so any pet is welcome to come for any shoot, whether that’s for your newborn session, maternity or smash cake! And yes we mean any pet, any size. We’ve even had big Akitas and Belgian Malinois visit our studio!

So if you’re bringing your pet, why just bring them for one shoot? With our Bump2Baby packages, we love to see your pet come for your Maternity Photoshoot as well as your Newborn! Just look at these adorable examples.

So how do we make sure your pet participates and gets in the photos? Well it all depends on the pet of course. With dogs we recommend to:

Those are just some ideas. But it all depends on your style and all of our sessions are tailored to you. Pets are welcome to also come attend our baby / sitter sessions, as well as family photoshoots.

So you’re probably thinking, is there any rules in regards to pets. We’ve already touched about how size and pet is not a problem. The only thing we ask for is to make sure that your pets paws are clean! Also, please just make sure to let us know you’re bringing your pet when you book your photoshoot so that we’re prepared.

We hope to see you soon!