Here at Newborn Story, our variety of maternity photography photoshoots are some of our

most popular sessions! These special photoshoots are the perfect way to celebrate your amazing body and the 9 months it spends growing a perfect little human. During our maternity session, our wonderful photographer, Nina, will do everything she can to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, including guiding you with a range of poses to make your bump shine and dressing you in some wonderful maternity gowns!

When you arrive at our studio, Nina will discuss with you your preferred style of photoshoot, and take a look at any of your inspiration photos, if you have any. These could be from our website, Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else you have seen maternity photos that might fit in with your preferred style.

We offer 3 different styles of maternity photos (Classic, Fine Art and Lifestyle), of which we can tailor your shoot to any one of them, or do a mixture of them all! If you’re unsure which of the styles is for you, take a look at some photos from each style along with more information about each below…


Fine Art:

Our fine art photoshoots are probably our most popular style of maternity shoot. The fine art style includes less natural poses with colourful and elegant maternity gowns, like the ones pictured below! All our gowns are available to choose from in the studio and we can use the colours to match your personal preferences (such as room decor). Again, like with the classic style, if you are booked in for our exclusive session, or Bump2Baby, family members and loved ones are welcome to join you at no extra cost, so you can capture those precious memories and keep them forever.

Classic Style:

Our classic photoshoots are more simple and elegant and are focused on highlighting the beauty of your bump and your pregnancy glow! So for this style, we tend to use more simple dresses, with clean backdrops and minimal props if any. If you’ve booked our exclusive or Bump2Baby photoshoots, you are more than welcome to bring your loved ones to be photographed in this style, like in these lovely photos below:


Some of our favourite photoshoots are lifestyle maternity sessions! For a lifestyle session, we encourage you to bring something to wear from home that you are comfortable in, whether that's your favourite set of underwear with a comfy shirt on top or jeans and your favourite t-shirt. The more ‘you’ the better! Just bear in mind, our maternity gowns, and most of our photos work best with light coloured underwear, so if you would prefer to wear dark underwear for lifestyle photos, please make sure to bring some light colours to change into if you’d like to make use of our gowns too! Lifestyle family shoots are definitely some of our favourite to capture. They convey so much love and emotion due to the natural and relaxed posing.

Don’t worry if you still can’t choose! We can create a mixture of all three on the day and you can just select your favourite images during your choosing appointment or online gallery! Find out more about what our different maternity sessions include by clicking here.