Whether you have booked our First Birthday Experience or Mini Cake Smash, this the most fun and interactive photoshoot for your one-year-old. We cannot think of a more unique way to celebrate your baby's milestone! We can either arrange this shoot on their birthday or, if you prefer to have the photos ready on the special day, about 2 weeks in advance. Please, note that some of the stages described below are not included in our Mini Cake Smash!

From this guide you will learn what to expect and how to prepare: 

The first stage of our First Birth Experience is made out of family and single portraits on plain-coloured backdrops. This means that you are also welcome to join in and have photographs taken with your little one. For these traditional portraits it is best to wear casual or smart outfits. Please, note that this stage is not included in our Mini Cake Smash shoot. 

During the second stage, your baby will be photographed with stunning birthday decorations and a cake! We will provide outfits and decorations for the shoot, but you are more than welcome to bring anything you'd like captured in the photos. Since this photoshoot would be tailored to your taste, we have many available colour combinations and decorations for you to choose from. Customise your shoot based on the options below:

1. The famous balloons - We are big on balloons and what is a birthday party without them? Please, pick the colours you like the most:

2. Flowers - An old client's favourite! Choose between two colours:

3. Should you prefer something more simple... we've got you covered:

4. Be creative. Tell us about your ideas, different colours, favourite toys, etc. You can use our props or bring your own!

Please, note that you can either bring the cake yourself or purchase one from our supplier, just send your message HERE.

If you prefer to organse the cake yourself, then please make sure it's soft and covered in buttercream rather than hard icing (this doesn't smash very well). Sponge cakes tend to work best!

For the next stage, our bubble bath stage we will have everything prepared including organic bubble solution, but if your little one’s using anything specific for a sensitive skin, please feel free to bring your own product, just to stay on the safe side. Please, choose between a bubble bath and a milk bath with fresh flowers. 

And for the final stage of towel snuggles, please bring in a towel with you, preferably a hooded one if possible. Please, note that this stage is not included in the Mini Cake Smash shoot. 

Extra tip for the parents: make sure to wear comfortable clothes. If possible try to avoid large logos, strong and contrasting colors and cartoon characters. Natural colours tend to work best. 

You are now ready for your child's First Birthday shoot!