Every once in a while, we are presented with the opportunity to photograph a set of twins! These are some of our favourite photoshoots as it allows us to experiment with posing two babies, instead of just one, and the outcome is always so beautiful. We are able to photograph twins in all of our photoshoots, including newborn, sitter sessions and cake smash shoots. Older siblings and even dogs are more than welcome to join in on these sessions at no extra cost, and they can help produce some of the sweetest keepsakes for your family.

As with all our sessions, you will have full access to choose what props, poses and colour schemes you’d like us to use in your images. We are fully flexible to your desires in the session, so if you would prefer to have a clean, simple look, we can include minimal to no props and a neutral backdrop. This is usually the preferred choice for parents who want the photos to fit in with their decor at home no matter how many times the colour scheme changes. We can also match our shoots to your colour scheme at home, or we can create a bunch of photos with completely different colour themes - it’s all up to you!

The Exclusive Newborn Experience photoshoots can take up to 3 hours and includes a minimum of 5 different set-ups of your choice. After the session, parents will be shown approximately 25-30 photographs and will be able to select which ones, and how many, they would like to keep. If you’re struggling to narrow it down to the amount already included in the package, additional photographs can be included at a discounted rate. So, if you are expecting or have just had a set of adorable twins, don’t hesitate to book yourself a session. For newborn shoots we recommend pre-booking as early as the first scan, in order to secure a priority slot for when the babies are here. Newborn shoots that are pre-booked are pencilled in so that when the babies arrive, you can let us know and we can officially book your photoshoot day and time. To capture the newborn stage, we work with a tiny window of opportunity, so we try to book the shoot within the first 14 days of the baby’s life. This is when babies are typically at their sleepiest, and are most likely to sleep throughout most of the session, so that we can create some of those sweet sleepy poses.

We also photograph newborns up to 8 weeks old, and our older newborn shoots are just as popular! In the older shoots we tend to get more eye contact from the babies, which can create photos with more of an emotional connection in some cases. If your little ones are slightly older, our sitter session might be best for them. In these sessions, we capture another one of the biggest milestones in their first year - when they are able to sit up unaided! Typically this is around 6-9 months, depending on their own development, so we recommend pre-booking for this too. Celebrating a double first birthday? What better way to celebrate than a cake smash photoshoot! The birthday celebration session includes 4 stages: family portraits, cake smash, bubble/milk bath and towel snuggles. The session produces some beautiful photos to commemorate their first birthday and some lovely memories to look back on!

If you know anyone who has just had or is expecting a set of twins, why not gift them a Newborn Story gift voucher. We are based in the North East of England and our little models come from all over the place, such as Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle, Hexham, Northumberland and many more.. Click here to view all our photoshoots and packages, as well as our gift vouchers! And don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries you might have about our photoshoots. You can drop us an email at: newbornstoryphotography@gmail.com